Aug 9, 2001
Hey everyone, i am not like that awesome right now at sifting, and i will just be crusing on like 3rd gear or so and i will get close to where i want to stop and just hold the clutch and just go from like 3rd or 4th gear right down to 1st with out stopping, just keep pushing down on the shifter, and if i am going kind of fast, it will like almost skid on the back wheel, it slows down really quickly, what happens,and is that bad? sorry if that is hard to explain,

:p NiCk:p


Aug 5, 2001
You should get into the habit of clutching and shifting through the gears, not skipping multiple gears at a time. Compression braking with the aid of your brakes helps you stop quickly and allows better control through the throttle. There will be times when you will want to skip a gear. Like coming into a turn fast in 4th gear, and skipping to 2nd to get a good drive out of a sharp turn. The throttle can be your friend when situations get ugly. Coasting with your clutch and shifting from 5th to 2nd or 1st could be bad if you need the throttle. Furthermore, you could mistakenly go too low and let out the clutch in 1st while going fast. That would not be pretty. You aren't damaging the bike or the tranny, just developing a bad habit in my opinion. After alot of practice, shifting is second nature.
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