Drain tube in front of the engine dripping oil ?

Jul 28, 2007
I've noticed when i take the bike for a ride and park it in the garage, i get a tiny puddle of oil directly underneath the black drain tube (I've also seen the oil drip directly from the tube)

I realize this is a drain tube of some sort, is it supposed to drain this bit of oil after a ride ?

Is this normal, or is this a symptom of a potential problem ?
Jul 28, 2007
Supposedly has 20 hours on the bike since the big bore kit.

But yes im refering to the big tube coming off the valve cover.

I was hoping this was normal. The bike has a TON of compression.

Could this be a result of too much oil in the bike ? Kinda like a PCV valve does on a car when its been slightly overfilled ?


May 29, 2007
My KX250 is doing exactly the same, started just after break in.I don't know how many hours on the bike, had it for about 2 months, ride every saturday and sunday morning from 9:00 to about 12:00.
If you need to change the rings everytime this is happening, you'r gonna spent more time doing maint and less time riding.Although there is a little oil dripping after every ride, there is no difference in performance, I still want to install a JD jetting kit and flywheel just to try and tame the beast a little.Also never repacked silencer, no excessive noise or lack in performance.
I am just going to keep on riding until lack of performance, excessive oil and smoke from exhaust or strange noises kick in, wich ever comes first.
By the way I am not racing just riding for fun.

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