Sep 22, 2000
I have a 1970 T-100c Triumph / Trophy that I desert race with.
I put a pair of rear shocks from an old Honda XR 350 on it and the front forks off a 1975 YZ ?.
This has given me more travel on both ends and the bike handles much better.

I have always ran with the shocks adjusted to the soft setting and the front tubes dropped in the triple trees ( 3" ) which sets the frame rails level with the ground.
I just adjusted the shocks to the full hard position and raised the tubes 1.5 inches in the trees to maintain the frame rails being level to the ground.
Should the frame rails be level with the ground or slightly higher towards the front?
With the rails higher it looks more chopper-esque with the extra clearance and with the rear stiffened up the front will want to dive more and this I would presume would be bad.
I realize this is not something -- normal-- that you would be asked, but when setting up a bike with balanced suspension is there any effects good or bad in raising the front higher, other than altering the trail & rake?
Will this have almost the same effect as having heavier springs in the front?


Ken & Diane James
AMA Field Reps #869
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