Aug 29, 2013
Hey everyone,
Im new to the forum. Im in the process of rebuilding an '05 DRZ-250 which I swapped for my old PC which I thought was pretty damn good. Its just not running and needed to be put back together. I wanna know if anyone has any service manuals or diagrams of the engine they could email me or if theres a website. Ive looked around google trying to find a manual but dont want to pay for one. (only if I really have to) I just want to fix this bike up and sell it off anyway with no means to ride it.

Im just about to put the piston housing case on and cannot figure out which way the chain slider goes on the inside and where it goes and the engine is still on the bike to trying to look inside is a bit of a nightmare. And cannot figure out which way the cam chain goes either. Ive also read somewhere that when you get to the cams to have them facing each other, count from the exhaust side at arrow marking 1 on the cam, count 17 links then the intake cam should have arrow 3 pointing at the 17th link on the chain, which should have the cams facing each other to what I can gather. This is after you get top dead centre first of course. ;) If you guys have any other info please let me know.
Thanks in advance


Jan 27, 2000
Take Gomers advice and buy a manual. The manual spells out how to set the cam timing and offers a picture of the cam gears and chain position. If you plan on keeping the bike, the manual will be your best friend.
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