Dual sporting KDX electrical help


Mar 15, 2007
I'm looking at DS my KDX here in Salt Lake City, UT. It was previously very easy but the state police are beginning to crack down and now require turn signals in addition the DOT tires, horn, headlight/brakelight, L mirror. I tried putting a hydraulic brake light switch on but couldn't seem to get the wiring hooked up right. Has anyone done the wiring for all these components that might be able to provide some advice? I found a web page (search Procycle dual sport kits) that has a kit that can be upgraded to LED but I though I might be able to do it myself for cheaper than 300-400 bucks. anyone out there have any advice? Thanks.



Aug 24, 2006
I just finished adding a brake light on my 01 220. It's pretty easy to do the work but I had a hard time finding some of the parts.

You need 1 or 2 hyd. brake switches a double polarity light soket ,some wire, connectors and a 1157 LED bulb. Tap in to the wir for your rear parking light (I think its red) send the current to your switch(es). From the switch add a wire back to the brake side of the double polarity soket, instal the bulb and it should work.

You will probably need to turn the reservoir around on your rear master cylinder because of the hyd. switch and weld on a tab to your protector. If you just use a regular 1157 bulb in the back, your headlight might dim when you press the brakes.

It's all pretty easy to do, Good luck
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