Dec 31, 1969
Thanks to everyone who participated... the events were great! We will do something about the sandbaggers next year :) , 60 signed-up for the MX Class, 9 for the A/B, LOL! 43 riders lined-up for the Bikes With Lights Class. We had to run 2 qualifier heats of 30 C riders, taking the top 20 from each to fill the gates with a 40 rider field. Great Racin’! For those who didn’t make the main… there’s always next year. Thanks again to OT for calling the races, I hope everyone could hear him, good stuff!

C Rider Ryan Evans gained a half lap lead early on (A/B for you next year!), but from there back, the racing was tight, scoring this moto was big time nerve racking! A few laps in, Jeff Allen clipped the rear of another bike, causing one “exciting” face-plant in the fast, first turn sweeper. After an Ambulance ride to a local hospital and an IV for dehydration (they actually brought him BACK to the track!), he checked-out fine, but sore.

SPECIAL THANKS to member “FireMedic530” for the assist in several get-offs (including Bswift’s endo in the whoops and a separated shoulder in the woods (not sure who that was, and the sweep after the Night Time Poker Run) during DirtWeek, we all REALLY appreciate the fact that you “brought work” to the event and helped out in such a big way! You are the man Tim. From all of us, thank you.

The local fast guy TJ (Travis Shaeffer) had Billywho wondering "Who is this guy!!??" as they ran tight for the entire A/B Moto. Billy had the helmet cam on, got some great race video while it lasted (1 lap)... living up to his new nick-name (BusterWho), the cam came off his helmet and just about strangled him... :confused:, made for some interesting video :eek:, I cringed seeing my new cam flapping in the breeze.

Speaking of “cringe”, Thump was handed a nice surprise after the A/B moto (Billy was riding Thumps 420), the smell of antifreeze and oil all over BillyWho’s boots proved evidence of a grenaded Thumper, causing Thump to miss the C Class Main, after scoring a respectable Third in his qualifier. While the helmet cam did in fact fall off Billly’s helmet, it was recording when he pulled into the pits, needless to say Thumps reaction to the dead YZ can’t be posted here, LOL…. Sorry David, next year bud.

In the 40 rider “Bikes With Lights” moto, Offroadr repeated his starting line biff of last year and again was the last out of the gate... last year when the gates fell, he found that acceleration in neutral just won't cut it. this year he learned that jumping the gate causes the gate to go vertical :) ... he worked his way thru the pack and had an epic battle with Jeff Fredette, finally succumbing to MR. ISDE, to finish off of the podium in 5th. Needless to say, some of these guys should have been in the A/B class running against the MX’ers, this class was flying! I guess woods guys can go fast after all :)

The Women’s A&B Class MX Organized by Pokie was a complete BLAST to watch!!! (I tried to enter, they kicked me out). Of note was the dramatic increase in speed “gospeedracer” showed this year; the first gear-only-rider of last year was getting around FAST on her new KTM! The speed was there, but Stacy and local racer Joslyn got around her for first and second in the A Class, while Scooter had me shakin’ in my boots taking the top step on the podium for first in the B Class… Believe me when I say this, she went sooooo much faster than I’ve ever seen her, I thought someone else was wearing her gear! The battle for first and second was a back and forth affair between Scooter and Cycledelic, neither giving ground. SideShow Sal collected the third place trophy.

The Poker runs ran like clockwork this year! (Scooter says we need to remind billywho to pull Thump's joker before the scoring begins next year). After the great debacle of last year, we put some serious thought into this years, led by my sister Crispy. Multiple check points and a longer course laid-out by Offroadr & Mully made the event flow smoothly. The night time poker run is always a blast (even if you are only scoring ); seeing all 43 of those bikes (most with “real” lights, some with some crazy inventions strapped-on) cutting thru the woods and flying thru the GP track valley is something to see! The hoots and hollers as the riders came by the check points indicates fun was had by all. The rolling Knick-Knack by MikeB was memorable!

Oldguy and Patman will supply the summary for the Jr. MX and Offroadr/Mully will provide the Team HS commentary as I wasn’t able to see these two events.

I’ve got to admit that once the competitive events were over, I felt relieved… there were no major injuries, the races all went smoothly, providing the spectators with some great action. Thanks to everyone that helped plan it, run it and score it.

DirtWeek '01 Official Results:

Team Hare Scramble
1) T. Rose / Brandon Freeman
2) D. Beckwell / W. Graham
3) FireMedic 530 / R. Wandry

Daytime Poker Run:
1) FireMedic 530
2) Mikeb
3) Rick Carmon

Night Time Poker Run
1) Mikeb
2) CAL
3) KelvinKDX

Ladies MX A Class:
1) Stacy
2) Joslyn
3) GoSpeedRacer

Ladies MX B Class
1) Scooter
2) Cycledelic
3) Sideshow Sal

Motocross A/B
1) BillyWho
2) "TJ" Travis Schaeffer
3) motometal

Motocross "Bikes With Lights"
1) Jason McKinstry
2) Rich Wandrey
3) Doug Dalton

Motocross C Class Final
1) Ryan Evans
2) Eric Black
3) Patrick Stout

Jr. MX B Class
1) Lawrence Liss
2) Eric Busz
3) Patrick Carman

Jr. MX A Class
1) Eric Hollub (The Kid)
2) Eric Calder (MiniRider127)
3) Joslyn Roseberry
4) Lawrence Liss


1) Flappin' Fender: TreeJumper
2) DirtWeek Or Bust: (modified to read DirtWeek Buster, he nuked 2 YZ 420's and my power washer LOL): Billywho
3) #1 Bench Racer: Jeff Allen
4) Classic Dismount: Dave Fairbough
5) Farthest Traveled: Canadian Dave
6) Exotic Bike: Patman
7) #1 Mom: Shiftless
8) #1 DW Support: Crispy

This year's recipient of the coveted "TrueSpode" Trophy went to Slo 'mo. Hal, you are what having fun on a bike and being an all around great guy are all about. Congrats!


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Jun 9, 1999
:confused: Okie ??? Isn't that suppose to be:

"Lights with Bikes" class ??????


sfc crash

Human Blowtorch
Jun 26, 2001
hey okie', ya hit it on the head when you made mention of the fact that nobody got hurt badly was the real plus. for the 8 weeks that i had my bike befor dirtweek, all i talked about to my wife was how i was gonna race at dw. she was terrified(she had,after all, watched me ride), the only time she was able to really relax was when i was finished with my last ride(mx c, DNF). but we got it figured out for next dw. #1. we're gona get a trailer so we can stay on site.#2. durring my events she's gonna be drinkin'.;) see ya'll in OK.:)


As a bonus,

I've got your crash footage on the helmet cam, SFC! Just ask MotoxSparx, that's whatcha get for tryin' to pass me!
Okie, the original 8mm goes in the mail tomorrow.


Feb 7, 2000
A few laps in, Jeff Allen clipped the rear of another bike, causing one “exciting” face-plant in the fast, first turn sweeper. After an Ambulance ride to a local hospital and an IV for dehydration (they actually brought him BACK to the track!), he checked-out fine, but sore.

Dehydration? How did THAT happen?


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Dec 26, 1999
Kids MX

Unfortunately we only had 7 show up but they provided 2 great races for those that watched.

In the JR B (never raced before) class there were 4 on the start line but shifter problems eliminated Patty Howard on her XR80.
At the start there were some tense seconds as a wheelie almost took the field out but once all wheels were on the ground Lawrence Liss took off on his kx80 and held the lead but was challenged along the 4 laps by Eric Busz on a RM80. they raced pretty close and provided an exciting challenge. Patrick Carmen gave it his all on his DR80 but a fall in the offcamber took him out of the running altho he was closing the gap by the end.

in the JR A (had raced before) class Lawrence Liss decided to try his luck and asked to run with them to make a 4 bike gate. The start was tight and all 4 bikes headed out pretty close with Joslyn Roseberry right on the kids rear tire when she had a slight slip in the off camber corner. This gave the kid a jump and with the clear track he held his lead for the 5 laps. The real exciting racing went on with the other 3 riders. Never was there more than 20 feet between them as Joslyn held her place at 2nd for 4 laps. The power of Lawrences 80 proved to be difficult for Eric Calder (on a KX60) to overcome in the straights but he pushed hard in the corners. Finally just as they finished the 4th lap Eric made his move and pulled a pass on Lawrence. Eric then put his sights on Joslyn and the race was on for 3/4 of the lap he fought to catch up and in the back downhill made a pass on Joslyn into the 2nd place position. Joslyn didn't give up and finished right on his rear tire.

I thought I saw some pretty big smiles inside the helmets and the smiles on the parents were just as big - these kids put on quite a show and I hope the challenge renews next year with a few new faces in the mix.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Billy sure got some competition from the local guy, great racing!

Motometal made a great show as well....first time ever MX race and hits the podium in an A/B class....WTG Moto!


Aug 22, 2001
apologies if I offended anyone

Thanks for the vote of confidence in saying I was ready for the A/B class next year, and, not that I got this out of what you said, but I felt this way after the motos were over. This was the first time I ever went to Dirtweek, so I signed up for the C class because that is what I am in District 18. I am not even that good of one there, top tens (out of 30 riders) usually gets me excited. Even on tracks such as Nashville and Bellevile, IL I know that there are beginner riders that would smoke me! However, I am very good at speed tracks such as Casey (it is my favorite track to ride on, have been a member there the last 3 years) and the track was to my specialty when it was moist and disked like that! That is the first C race I have ever won, and I am sorry if anyone one thought I was cherrypicking(I got the district card and a measly 13 points this year to prove I wasn't), I think I just had an awesome day where every condition was perfect and I got good starts! I will have to say that this may be the only time that I ever get out in front, pull away and cruise for the last couple laps, and it was a really cool feeling at that. I am sure there were riders that have the same speed, but they either crashed or got lost in the pack. Anyway, I just don't want anyone to think that I entered the C class motocross just to cherrypick a thophy or anything, I am not all about that. I had a great time and it seemed that everyone else did, also. Thanks to all the people that put this event on, it was a good day of riding for a cheap price.



Dec 31, 1969
It's all good Ryan...
We'll spell out what the DirtWeek "C Class" is all about next year. Based on the number of entries, we'll probably break it down something like this:

C Class: Never raced in a district race, earned points, etc. Having raced at DirtWeek is okay.

B Class: You don't fit in C :)

A Class: For the fast guys. And "fast" is relative to DirtWeek Attendees, not pro's, uhhum.

Bikes with lights.

Possibly some age classes.

sfc crash

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Jun 26, 2001
hey biglou, i gotta at least see some stills of when i t-boned ya,btw, did ya get me laying down in the middle of the whoops on the first lap? oh,yeh, "that's what i get for trying to pass you?"...my publicist say that i should comment thusly" i didn't crash trying to pass you,...i almost passed you when i was trying to crash you";) or something like that. glad i wasn't the one that chewed up your leg tho.
Oct 10, 2000
B.F.'s name in the Team Harescramble is Brandon Freeman, he races 4 Stroke B with me in Dist. 15 and we practice together all the time. Brandon told me he had a great time and would like to attend every day for next years DW. I then told him he better sign up as a member on DRN or we might not let him;)


SFC-The helmetcam footage is on its way to Chicago as we speak. The crash should end up on the master DVD somewhere!


Mar 25, 2001
Thanks to all the Administrators!

I entered all events but the Team HS and the Night Poker Run and they were all put on very smoothly by you guys. Thanks for all the effort put into this great event and I am already blocking out the calendar for next year.

363 days to go!
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