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Apr 22, 2007
Hi all, has anyone here ever installed a Moose/Wirtz Easy clutch device? it lets you adjust the effort required to pull the clutch by 10% , 20% and 30%, I got one recently but I cant figure out how to install it! there were no instructions, it just came in one of those packages that is basically a little bag with a piece of card with the company logo on it, stapled to the top of it. If anyone has diagrams, it would be even better! I have tried google images but all i get back is some hydraulic system for harleys! This is for cable clutches BTW.
Any help greatly appreciated! there is a picture and description here
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Sep 12, 2007
well i cannot say for sure but it looks like you take the cover off and run the cable into the hole on the left (in the picture) and it should secure into a little notched hole and through that adjuster. I imagine then it will be a gear to gear reduction sytem then the right will hook up to the clutch lever. so the bottom of the picture (the more pointed end) would be facing foward on the handle bars

or it uses the secondary cable adjuster (about 6-10inches from lever) to hook into but i think my first idea is better LOL

let me know how it goes as I am kind of curius to see how it works or if it helps with a hard clutch lever as mine is pretty stiff also

Brit Chris

Aug 16, 2005
Hi marevs

I would not bother putting it on your bike installed one on my 96 KX250 and after about two hours got it on the bike and set up the best i can and all it did was make the clutch slip and now it just sits in my parts bin. they are a total waste of money and they dont work your better off saving up your money and getting a hydrulic clutch set up.


Jul 7, 2005
Just get a new clutch perch...

I had one of these on my bike for a while. It helps with the clutch pull very minimally. You just need to take the cover off and put the clutch cable through one side and then put the short cheater cable through the other side to your clutch lever.

My suggestion would be to break down and get a new clutch perch...preferably one with needle bearings...not the cheap bronze bearing stock ones. I purchased a moose adjustable clutch perch. The new clutch perch helped make my clutch pull easier.
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