Easy way to clean your silencer/spsrk arrestor


Sep 28, 2001
I just got a 2000 ATK 250 a few weeks ago.
It's really loud, so before we abused the snow here in NEPA, I thought I repack the silencer.
When I got it apart, it had a ton of spooge and carbon in it.
I scrapped a pile of the loose spooge off, but the holes in the tube were blocked and the spark arrestor was loaded with carbon.
I tried oven cleaner, lacquer thinner, (my cure all!) wire brush, scrapping it, poking the holes with a wire.
I was losing the battle, it would have taken me all day just to make it 1/2 good.
Then it hit me like a branch across the goggles!
I took the inner tube and spark arrestor outside, and hit it with the torch!
You gotta becareful, I don't know if it was the thinner or spooge, but it flamed up nicely!
I heated everything to a slight orange glow and let it air cool, (didn't take long in 25 degrees!)
I tapped ,wired brushed, and slightly scrapping and it came really clean.
Repacked it and TA-DA! Nice quiet bike and it has more umph to boot!
The best part was I got to play with FIRE! How cool is that??!!
Sticks and stones may break my bones. That's why I only hit trees and rocks!


Formally known as RV6Junkie
Damn Yankees
Jan 8, 2000
That method always works for me. Interesting, I'll always pre-soak it in oven cleaner. I wonder if that is even necessary?


Sep 28, 2001
Yeah, but the flame up was too cool!
Good thing it was outside, I guess we do get smarted with age!
15 years ago,I'd fired it up in the shop, then have that stupid look on my face as I explainedto fire department how I burnt down my work shop/house, and all I was able to save was my bike and riding gear!
Gotta use your head with fire!

Gary B.

Apr 17, 2000
Been doing the torch thing for years. It's fast, not messy, and a propane torch is easily hot enough. :thumb:
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