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Apr 30, 2002
I'm close to buying either an '03 GasGas EC250 or '02 Husky WR250. I'd like some feedback from those who have experience with both bikes.

In order of importance to me, how would you compare them between:

-- handling, suspension, stability

-- durability, reliability, overall quality of components

-- power delivery.

Conditions are rocky Missouri HS and enduros. Thanks.


Apr 25, 2002
I have no experience on a husky. But i have a 00 gasgas ec200. The bike is absolutely amazing in the woods. Im 5 6 130 lbs and i can toss the bike around easily. Its one of the smoothest bikes ive ridden. its not liek a 125 where you have to be in the rpms all the time, and for me the 250 is a lil more than i need. But I think gasgas has an awesome bike. the ec250 is an awesome bike. I ride with guys who have them, and they love the bikes.
But, the problem I have with gasgas and husky is parts availability, and resale value. The market is just not there for these european bikes. (except ktm)
The reason I say this is because im selling my gasgas because of those reasons. Mainly parts. But I LOVE the bike. its gona kill me to sell it. My freind is a dealer and got rid of gasgas completely as well so i took it as a hint. He also steered me away from husky as well. I was hooked on the new husky te 250. but im going for either ktm or yamaha.
But both husky and gasgas are awesome bikes.
If you were set on either of these, i would go with the gasgas. I think its a lil more updated, and a great all around bike. good luck with your decision.


Feb 7, 2002
I have owned the GG(250XC&300XC) And Husky (WR360), but have ridden the 250.
I prefer the GG by a narrow margin -

Handling - In my opinion NOTHING beats the GG in tight woods/rocks
Suspension - " " "
Stability - GG by a narrow margin
Durablity,etc - I prefer Husky, by a VERY narrow margin!
Power delivery - Rock/Tight riding-GG, Open area-Husky

I have no problems with either brand - parts avail. are not a problem but due to the fact I have a great dealer(GG), pricing is about the same(GG cheaper)

In the end it would boil down to the dealer and your size(GG is smaller cockpit which I like @ 5'8").


Mar 7, 2001
Handling / stability - Husky gets the nod due to handling that lets the rider relax, the Gasser is too quick handling for me - if you like quick handling bikes, then go with the Gasser
Suspension - both have great parts, personally I like the Husky here too - either way get it set up for you

Durability, reliability, overall quality of components - the Husky is about as good as it gets for durability / reliability / quality of components, the Gasser isn't that far behind

Power delivery - the Gasser takes this one hands down, nobody make a smoother 2-stroke than GG - the Husky is also an excellent powerplant.


Apr 3, 2000
The Husky and GasGas are two of my favorites. I've only ridden Husky, and will probably get another one - I am very familiar with their personalities and quirks. I've had friends with the Gas Gas, and they are nearly flawless in a multitude of terrains. Both bikes are incredible, simply.

As I mentioned before, I have only had Husky, and have NEVER had any problem with parts availability or price. In fact - in Hawaii, I could get a part, any part, within a day - special delivery - and had buddies on KTMs, Yamis and Hondas waiting as long as four months! I had an 87 Husky XC430, and with even that I never had a problem finding what I needed.

Because I know Husky, and am very comfortable and knowledgeable on Husky, I would choose the WR250. But, if I had to make a decision for you, I would choose the GasGas - I've heard nothing but rave reviews, and this bike handles with all the quickness and effortlessness of a Jap-bike, and brings all the positives of the Euro-brands to the forefront of the pack. Just my two cents.



Jul 14, 2000
I have experience with both. Am currently on a Gas Gas 250. My previous Gas Gas was a 200. I've had a 125WR Husky, and a old 400WR Husky. Also, a riding companion has a WR 250. I do like both bikes. I prefer the power delivery of the Gas Gas, and overall the chassis on the Gasser gets a narrow nod. Can't point out to you why, I'm just more confident on it. As far as parts. The Gas Gas is so much better supported nation wide, as far as I'm concerned, and the parts are less expensive, and very quick to get. I never had problems getting Husky parts, but it wasn't always quick, or cheap.

I will tell you this though, all things being equal, I pick the Husky. My Husky's, and my friends Husky's, are the toughest, most reliable, solid, tight motorcycles, for the most miles of any bike I've ever owned, including a '00 XR 250.

Total reliability-Husky

Total joy of owning experience (support is important)-Gas Gas


Jul 22, 2003
Both bikes are incredible in Enduros, good suspended and have great power delivery. Maybe you should consider that Husqvarna is in financial distress and GasGas is a growing factory.
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