edelbrock carb for a 99 YZ400F


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Jan 18, 2000
Ok after a year or more of fighting with the stock FCR carb. Wheel collar mod many jetting changes and so on I bought a Edelbrock carb off of an online auction new in the box for $125 shipped. I was a little worried because I did a search on the subject here and no one had any thing really good to say. If you have a 98 or 99 YZ400F and are tired of the carb problems Get an edelbrock carb. My main problem was the off idle bog and sometimes it would stall when you chopped the throttle. All of those problems are GONE. The only complaint is the throttle pull is a little heavy compared to the FCR. I hope this helps anyone with one of these bike with carb problems. I was trying to sell the bike but now I think it's a keeper. Good luck. :aj: :aj: :aj: :aj:
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