Electrical Connector on 03 Yz450 Carb


Feb 16, 2008
I am pulling the carb off my 03 Yz450 due to it have an issue of gas flowing out the bottom of the carb at idle. I have gotten everything disconnected until I got to the electrical connector at the top of the carb. On on end there is a star head screw which I am not sure exactly what tool and size I need for this, Anyone know? On the other side there is a simple plug connector but I press the tab down and pull and it will not come out. Is this just froze up or do they put adhesive or something on the plug to keep it from pulling out?
Any help is appreciated. Also any ideas on what might be wrong with the carb, think either a float is stuck or blockages somewhere else in the carb.


May 27, 2003
You do not need to remove the TPS from the carburetor body. The plug is just tight, wiggle it and it should work its way apart.

Sounds like the float is stuck open.


Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
Replace the float valve and check the float height. The connector is froze. Put a dab of die electric grease on the connectors when you put it back together. Rocking each side of the connector while pulling should get it apart.

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