Electrical Start KX 250 F / RMZ 250


Hi !!!

Does anyone knows if their will be a electrical start for the
KX 250 F / RMZ 250. Maybe a price ?

Thanks for any feedback...

dirt bike dave

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Don't know of any plans for e-start, but all the ride reports indicate these bikes are extremely easy to start.  Some are claiming they can be started using your hand.  Can't say that about too many 4 strokes. 


Seriously, the kick motion on the KX250F is as easy as a 2-stroke KX 125 that I previously owned.. Some of this is because it has a fairly long kick lever, but the auto decompression seems to be more effective on the KXF than it does on the YZF.

Save the weight..
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Kawasaki does not care. They dont care about the one piece oil filter cover. The rep says the filter is designed to last the life of the top end, which is 3 races. So you will have to drain coolant anyways to do the top end. That is direct from the kawi rep at the 04 training seminar.

They compare the bike to the CRF. You mention overheating, their response is that it is no worst than the CRF.

it is a race bike. Plain and simple. Dont expect anything else from kawi on this bike.