Oct 8, 2003
Hello does anybody know if there is such a thing as a universal regulator/rectifier? I own a dr350s wich was a dual purpose at one point but previous owner removed everything lights,switches,battery even the regulator so now Im trying to mount a headlight and taillight for future enduros I cannot afford a baja desings kit and I already have the lights anyway, the stator remains the same as original and when I checked I found at each of the 3 yellow wires coming from the stator to the regulator connector about 14volts ac when the bike is running. I have a regulator from a dr350(enduro) wich only has 1 yellow wire and 1b/w wire(original regulator for my bike has 3yellow wires coming in and 1R 1O 1B/W going out) and is hooked up in line with the stator and lights but when I connect it to my bike it only gives me 3.50 volts dc. so I'm assuming the alternator is ok and the regulator is supposed to be good, so what I need is to drop voltage to about 12 and rectify it to DC.There is always the oem regulator but at $175.00 from my local MC shop I cannot afford it at this time and a light coil is about the same price. Did anybody have this problem before? is there a chance the regulator I have from the 350enduro is not good but if it was it would work?I just want to run a headlight /taillight. PLease any input will be greatly appriciated


Aug 2, 2000
Yes there is. I bought one once.

Moose has one. It's called a Volt Pack and the part number is M011. The price is $14.95. This is for bikes with no battery.

Hope this helps.
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