Enduro or Harescrambles


Oct 27, 2003
I grew up racing mx,i quit when i was 23,because of a car accident that took my left leg,I,ve alway,s been a fan ever sense,I,ve got a issue of motocross books,probably hav,ent missed a issue sense my accident,I bought a new 2000cr125,at the end of 2000.I thought i would give it another shot,But it never worked out very good,Im 38 years old now, almost everything has changed as far as how the tracks are made anymore,Those jumps are out of my leage anymore,The bikes are made to take it,But my body sure is,ent,I have a real hard time shifting,with my prosteadic,I was wondering if HS,or Enduro would be a little easier,I,ve never raced either one.I no my bike is,ent made for either one,but it well just have to do.Im a pretty good rider.When i quit because of the accident i was running in the top 5 in 125a,class.But i don,t realy understand how you keep time in Enduro,And i don,t no how rough,Harescrambles is on a person,I just can,t ride mx with those big jumps anymore,They beat me to death.Any info would be more then appreciated,I can fix my bike to run either one,Thank,s Jerry.


Jul 14, 2002
Well, I think the first thing you should do is find out who makes an Auto Clutch for your bike. EFM, Rev Lock, there is another company too, I can't think of it. Oh, Rekluse makes them too. Then get your suspension set up for woods riding. You can eliminate getting beat to hell that way. As far as which style of riding, I would think either style would work, maybe Enduros would be ok with the resets and breaks that you get. Harescrambles are fun too. I would just ride them both until you figure out which one you like best. I ride both, and like both. Either way, it is still about going fast in the woods.


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Jun 12, 2000

I admire your will to return.. Good luck man.

As for Enduros and harescrambles, The harescrambles are very demanding and you will need to use you legs alot. A dab here and there to get balance, navagate a rut, take a slick off camber turn, etc. Enduros are a tad easier in some organizations and much more demanding in others. You can normally find a HS or Enduro that is labeled for beginners. Since you did ride at a expert level that is a big plus. Out here on the east coast we have a thing called dual sports. They are wimpy rides as described by most enduro guys. They range from hard to easy and some have an "A" level trail/section for added challenge. The drawback is the bike must be street legal since you will ride alot of dirt roads and streets to get from place to place. Our dualsports can average 70-120 miles. So you get to ride for 4-6 hours. Atleast you can get your feet wet and test out riding. If you find this type or recreation too easy you may be ready to tear it up at a Harescramble.



Oct 19, 2001
Jerry, My son and myself race enduro's with the Southern Enduro Riders Association (Louisana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama area) we have a rider that makes it to just about EVERY race we have. He rides an older ATK which looks like it has been lowered a little bit. Can't remember which leg is missing but anyway, he is one tuff guy in my opinion!! I say give it a try, whats the worst that can happen, you quit? Look for the enduro's that are "family enduro's" these are usually alot eaiser and shorter in length.
Good luck and don't give up!!!!

Jon K.

Mar 26, 2001
Yeah; that guy is from Florida. Jerry; you might post a message on the SERA members group;


and get in touch with him. Who knows; you guys might get on a row together or something. I don't recall his name.


Aug 2, 2000

Why not try both hare scrambles and enduros and see which you like best? Maybe you will like them both. Don't worry about the time keeping at your first enduros. Just treat them like a big trail ride and have fun.

You might want to get in touch with Quintin Davis. Go to the district 22 website at http://www.iera22.com. Click on the Moose contingency button on the left side of the screen and you can email him directly.

Quintin has no right leg and rides all of the Iowa enduros and hare scrambles. He rides a KDX 200 which he has modified to change the rear brake so it is activated by an additional lever located beside the front brake lever.
Quintin rides all of the events no matter how tough they are and usually does quite well.


Sep 28, 2001
Here's what I found out!
First off, Good luck, it should be fun for you!
In '88 I broke my leg REALLY bad, tore the knee completely up, racing MX. Was told that the best thing was to take the leg off, (the bone below the knee was in tiny pieces). Well, an old Army doc, saved my leg. 3 long years of rehad until I could almost walk normal.
I was off bikes until '97.
I ride with 2 knee brace now.
I went back into Hare Scrambles, they are a lot like a MX race only you ride through the woods, a lot more phyically demanding cuz of things on the trail and the time you ride, (2 hours). Speed can be fast, (I ride in North Eastern Pa, dist. #6)
I tried enduros also, (no more MX,SX for this 'ol fart!).
They are like a faster trail ride. ride long distances, 60 plus miles.
Thing in both, you can ride to win, ride to compete, ride to have fun.
Just stay out of the, "serious" guys way and you'll have a blast!!
I'd get a bike with nice mellow power, (I run a ATK 250, GREAT suspension, lots of low end grunt), so you don't have to work hard and keep your legs down on the ground.
I ran a 125 ATK until the end of last year, they're fun, light weight, flickable in the woods, but if you get in a power robbing place, (sand, mud, rock garden), you like a little more cc's.
They say the KTM 300 is a great senior bike.
I've tried a '98 KTM 200, but nothing could match my ATK for suspension.
Just to go out on the line and race is a rush again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You'll have more fun just doing it now than when you took it serious.
I pack my fanny pack, help out my 2 sons out there with me, racing hard like I used to, plus some of my friends kids, hell, anyone who need help, I stop. Then I hop back on and ride. I can run with the big dogs when the need arises, but most time it for me.
Good luck!
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