Endurocross in MI -Exihibition Event


Jun 13, 2007
Hey all, The Bentwheels Comp Club of MI is putting on an exhibition Endurocross as part of the Ogemaw Bike Week Festivities July 8 thru 15 2007. Search Ogemaw Bike Week for more info, or Bent Wheels Comp Club. It is part of a series of weeklong activities that include an AMA Hillclimb, Motocross, Supermoto, flatrack and our Endurocross as things to do for the 10,000 plus road riding attendees of bikeweek.
Our event is on Wed JUly 11th. It will be run with three classes divided by skill level A=Expert B=Amatuer C=Novice format. Run what ya' brung - anything goes. There will be two practice sessions starting around noon, 2 heat races, an LCQ and then a final for each class. We have a few pro riders tentatively in place to ride the Endurocross as they are in town for AMA Supermoto National in Waterford, MI on July 8th. Could be great fun! I'm ridin it on a trials bike! But most will ride their off road mounts. We will trophy three places. Feel free to e-mail me for more info..... my email is accessable in my profile.
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