engine analyser tachometer use

Nov 1, 2003
I'd like to measure the rpms on my 4 stroke, single cylinder, Honda XR200 with an Craftsman's engine analyser's tachometer feature. But I've had no success with the lead connection instructions in the analyser instruction manual and the Clymer manual doesn't show the connections required either. The analyser manual shows only connections to battery equipped vehicles. My bike's a kick-start only without a battery. I'm told I should substitute the "magneto" power source for the battery. The Clymer manual doesn't evidence a "magneto". But of course the bike's ignition power is generated from a rectifying alternator. The analyser's connections I'm working with include positive and negative leads that would ordinarily be connected to the battery pos term and a vehicle chassis ground, and an rpm measuring lead to be connected to the ignition coil's negative (to distributor) post. When I connect the pos (battery) clip to the alternator's output lead and the neg (battery) clip to a bike chassis ground I get a reading, but it doesn't appear to be an rpm reading. The reading's way too high, and although it fluctuates with engine speed, it maxes-out at about a quarter throttle. Connecting at the same time the rpm measuring lead to the ignition coil's negative post (or positive post) or a fashioned insulated wire coil I'd wrap around the spark plug wire doesn't change the reading I'm getting, in other words has not effect on the meter. The bike's ignition components I've to work with include: the alternator that outputs to an ignition control module, (not a distributor). The ignition control module loops to an ignition pulse generator and also outputs to the ignition coil. The ignition coil outputs to the spark plug lead/plug. I know there's a solution here. What am I missing?