Always Broken
Dec 26, 1999
After me badgering him for the last 3 years todo a harescrambles last week he finally did one. Granted it was at our club but the course was 3 miles and most was tight woods but the MX track and shorttrack were also used in places. He was running about 7:40 lap times- his worst was a 8:02 when he stalled the bike going up a hill and ended up pushing the bike up so he could bump start on the backside.
The bad news he had to run C class because he had committed to picking his roommates up at the airport and that was the only class which would be finished in time. He led every lap and hit the final check point with 4 seconds left so he had a victory lap all to himself.
I know he was sore as hell the next day but felt better after hitting the gym. This past weekend I asked if he wanted to do another at Wardy's and to my surprise he said yes but then ended up having to stay at work until after 11 the night before so he opted to stay here and hit our track since they added a new section.
While we were at the track I heard him talking to a friend and he was saying he wanted to set up his 250F as a HS bike and just race the 450 on MX. I hope he sways to the woods for real. Wardy we may be down your way for one of your final races


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Apr 9, 2002
Congrats on the win! psst (sandbagger) :laugh:

I'd love to try one and we have a new club here starting up a series but I don't want to thrash my bike without armour and I don't want to buy the armour if I don't stick to the series, kind of a catch 22. Wish I still had my RM250 I'd take it out and beat on it as a test run.


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Aug 18, 1999
Cherry picker! That ain't fair... but I guess is really is! It was his first offroad race after all! It's great to see people stretch themselves. It doesn't always end up perfect but the learning experience is always valuable! Does Eric do motivational sessions for young men? My oldest won't listen to a damn thing I say..... Heredity thing I guess....

The two most important things I learned from offroad were cornering (I never turned so much in my life) and don't ride with a new helmet. My first practice had me ducking everything with the new lid and race day had me leading with my head (in the old helmet). It's fun as hell and I wish I could afford to compete but it's too much freaking maintenance on a 250F.... or probably any bike for that matter. Two races and two sets of seals pretty much drove me away. But then again... I'm constantly hurting for riding funds so MX has been the only answer for me.


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Dec 26, 1999
Awesome! Trees = good!


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Apr 21, 2000
Awesome, glad Eric enjoyed it, even if he did do a little sandbagging! How long did they run? Did the other classes (A/B) run the same course? If so, how did Eric's lap times compare? Too bad you guys didn't make it to Wardy's Sunday. Red did his first ever HS, but in the thumper class on a CRF150F. He didn't do as well as he hoped, but he had a lot of fun and can't wait until the next one. And I get bragging rights, with my fastest lap one second faster than his, although there was a rider crashed and blocking a downhill on my fastest lap, so I could have shaved off a few more seconds, but that's okay ;) I'm sure he'll be lapping me out there once he gets it figured out. I've been racing the Fox Valley hare scrambles on my 250F's over the past few years, and finally picked up a CRF150R with an auto-clutch, so this was my first race with it, and it was so much easier for me on the smaller bike. I might have been a little faster on the 250F, but when I got in trouble on a hill or in a muddy section or a tight turn or went off course or anything, I was screwed. So I'm really looking forward to the next race, wish the other D-17 HS races weren't so far away from us. Hope to see you guys there, Sept 13th!


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Jan 4, 2000
sweet! Now he has something to shoot for once the MX career fades!


Always Broken
Dec 26, 1999
Nikki he only ran an hour compared to A and AA doing 2 hours. The course was slightly longer for them as well so lap times don't match up. I know alot of the workers and other racers kept telling me no way he can hold that pace to the end but his lap times were
8:02 (the one where he stalled and had to push the bike up over the hill)
7:58 (he stopped by me for some water along the course)
7:57 (another lap with a water stop)
8:10 (He knew he was alone on the course since he came in at 59:56)

I think he learned he needs to wear the camelback not me :nod:

I know he felt bad about entering C class and was called a sandbagger a couple times but not by any of the racers in the class. He did offer to pull his results off the final if it would influence the season points.
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