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eric or rich, 98 wr400f needs some new life!!

Jun 20, 2005
hi i'm from singapore, i saw eric's forward motion so i decide to give it a shot!
i'm thinking of using a 426 cylinder and do a +2mm bore to bump it up to 444cc.
any other mods i can do to the engine to give it a new life?
btw do you guys have a new 426 cylinder new for the rebore.
just let me know the price of all the sugested mods cos i really need to make it more competitive cos will be taking part in some local race in the upcoming months!!
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -

Eric Gorr

Engine Builder
Jun 29, 1999
You need to switch to a 426 crank because the piston pin size is larger on the 426/444 piston. Also you need to start with a 426 cylinder because the stock 400 is too thin.