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Jul 15, 2000
I know this is in the wrong forum, but I dont have access to post in the FMR section yet (still working on rectifying that).

I need to contact Eric about a bigbore kit on my NSR250. I need the new address to send the parts to, and a solid phone number or email address I can contact him with. Eric? Anyone?

Paul Herr

Rich Rohrich

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Jul 27, 1999
Paul - For the next few weeks the shipping address will still be :
ERIC GORR/Forward Motion
613 W. Burnett St.
Beaver Dam, WI. 53916

Direct Phone Line for Eric Gorr (it forwards to the new shop)


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Jul 15, 2000
for some reason, I cant seem to get through on the phone, but keep getting this recording to leave my phone number (getting charged every time I try). So here it is: 011-81-3117-57-4774 (Japan), or email me at p-d-herr@yta.attmil.ne.jp .

I have a few questions about plating. Looking on the site, there is a section for shifter karts. Having problems with my previous welded/replated cylinders recracking at the welded port bridges, I want to know if the special harder Platinized Ti plating would be better. I want these cylinders to be extremely reliable and long-lasting. And what is special about the Kart porting? Something about reliefs in the cylinder walls? What are the advantages?

Also have a question about piston choice. Eric offers the RS style pistons for the CR. Do these pistons offer a power advantage since they dont have the pockets in the sides like the stock CR pistons? My stock NSR pistons have no pockets in them, and I will be going with overbore Wiseco pistons. I want the best pistons that will offer the best longevity and power advantages. Is there a Wiseco overbore RS piston that will fit that has that special coating on the top?

Basically, I am building a new engine for my bike with Erics' overbore and pipes tuned for an 11,300 rpm power peak. What porting option of Erics' would be best for overall best performance? I am stuck with the stock 34mm carbs.

I will be returning to the US next year (finally). Hopefully, I can attend Dirtweek this next year and bring it with me... :)


Nov 21, 2002
I also cannot contact the shop. I got through once and found out I needed
to send to the old address still. I sent 2 cylinders in and they were signed for
Thur 10/16. I haven't got an order confirmation and cannot get through on the phone to be sure Eric understood I wanted to do the exchange.
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