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Jul 3, 1999
I busted the bolt that connects the muffler to the subframe on my 2K 426 and after looking at it, and `bout an hour of finesse it appears I will need some serious redesigning action or just a aftermarket replacement. Can't get the remaining piece of bolt out of the hole.

I think I'll go for an aftermarket exhaust but after reading some articles it appears that there is no substantial gains in performance or weight savings so my question are.

What is the best priced least impact exhaust you guys are aware of? I've seen the White Brothers & FMF & they look pretty good but are bulky, & since I'm buying for looks I would prefer something along the lines of the T2.
Does anybody have experience with these of other type mufflers & what did you pay?
What other pro's & con's should I be considering?


Feb 16, 2001
You should be able to find a stock take off pretty cheap considering how many people buy pipes for 426's.
I really like the way the Arrow looks and will be reporting about it as soon as I get it.
My hope is that it is not as deafening as the us systems.
You could also grind the entire boss off of the pipe and weld a new one on if you wanted to save it...
Check this look out...

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