Billy Maze

Oct 8, 2007
I notice that the flat head screws
that adjust my forks are not synced up.

Like the slits on the screw heads are not adjusted
to the same in/out.

Can anyone tell me what the factory setting is, because I think
the past owner messed with these settings and didn't set
both side the same.
thanks. :ohmy:

Billy Maze

Oct 8, 2007
Hey frudaddy.
Thanks for the reply!

I found a yz250 service manual online, and
states that max hard setting is all the way in,
and minumum is 20 clicks OUT from the max. position.

WTF? I can clearly go much more then 20 clicks.
Also, standeard position is 13 clicks out.

So from there I tried to click the adjusters all the way,
they wouldn't stop. Hmmm.

I mean they WOULD kinda stop, but It would be VERY difficult to click in, but it would still click without
end if I was strong enough.

I was afraid to try and find out if there even was a stop to it, so I started from max OUT (stopped turning).
and clicked it in 20. :| (probably 10 clicks left from there)

But anyway, right shock was 14 clicks till I couldn't click anymore, and the left was 12....
so good thing I decided to check. :think:
so it's maybe 5 clicks "harder" now.

How many clicks do you guys set the fronts too?
I'm a huge rookie to dirt bikes so any advice is welcomed.

Rear is 8 clicks out btw, but I don't even want to check. :bang:
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Aug 21, 2005
First, turn it right to take it in, and don't worry so much about max clicks out. Turn it until it stops (seated), and you don't need to put a lot of force on it. Every rider has his/her own suspension preferences, and even those change from track to track, so nobody here can do more than give you a stock baseline. If standard is 13, the seat the adjusters, and bring them out 13 clicks for a base, then fine to it to your liking from there. The same thing goes for the rear, except not 13. Now for the shocker, there are adjusters on the bottom of the forks as well. If you look closer at the shock you will find yet another (maybe 2). You need to find a service manual for your bike, or at least an owners manual to get the stock settings for all of these adjusters, then you need to read the suspension tuning section of the owners manual as well as anything on this forum that you can find. If you are still in doubt, find Eric Gorr's book, and/or take your bike to a suspension specialist to get it set for YOU.
BTW, some forks have the rebound on the top, while others have it on the bottom, and I don't know which way yours is.
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