Tom Dixon

Farmer Tom = Face Planter
Mi. Trail Riders
Nov 15, 2001
Yup, the KTM hauls royal a**!!!!!! I was 3rd into the 1st turn, when on the KX I would have been 12th. It was WAY dusty and the track became VERY rough at the end. Good thing I softend the suspenders on the 250 or I would have internal damage. It was a good time.

Next week is Portland, I wouldn't advise going unless you can jump and like crappy woods (but they do a decent job for what they have).

Then the Jack Rabbit!!!!! I must say that it will be very awesome. 6.5 miles of grass track, sandy MX, and virgin trail through the outback of Kalkaska. It will be quite a hoot if it rains before, to keep the dust down.

Fred T

Mi. Trail Riders
Mar 23, 2001
Ahhh! The power of the pumpkin. Good ride Tommy.

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