Fat Man Pants


Hey all,

I recently bought a pair of regular MX pants. My regular pant size is 40-42. I ordered the pair of MX pants in 44 to give some extra room, the waist fits fine but the thigh area is to tight.

Anyone know of any gear thats made for bigger men? I thought Moose made some line for bigger men but cant find anything on the net.

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Brian K.


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I am Sooo tired of people with 40 inch waists crying about needing "Fat Man" pants. ;)

When that first digit is a 5 I'll start having some compassion for ya.

I have some Oneal pants that are plenty roomy. I think MSR also has a line of larger sizes.


I've found Moose gear to be fat-man friendly. I wore 40-42 jeans and had luck with Moose stuff. I am recently fat-man reformed and need to get rid of some gear (new & used). I'm going to go thru it tomorrow to see what I got. It'll be posted in the for sale forum tomorrow if interested.