First Night Race-Kingsville, MO, June 8th, 2002.



Well, talk about an experience! The Saturday night races locally here at Kingsville, MO are a summertime tradition. I have been announcing this season and this week, in lieu of getting paid, I decided to race. Nothing unusual, I race fairly often in the 250 Beginner Class since last year. Not much to tell, except that second moto when it is dark, under the lights, is quite the experience! I actually managed to do better in my night moto since I didn't stall the big 426 that time! :eek: I hate it when that happens! I also talked my local shop owner into racing with us. He's never raced MX and is primarily a woods guy, although he lives only a mile down the road from this track. He is in the +40 age bracket (barely), but he decided to run with us beginners.

During the night moto, we managed to battle it out with each other near the back of the pack, helping to make ourselves look respectable. Robert (of broken ankles and cracked case fame, as some of you may recall) got through the night incident-free, finishing 2/3 for a 3rd overall. I managed 4/4 for a 4th overall.

It's funny how you push just a bit harder during the races. Jump just a bit higher and farther, and generally push yourself just a bit more than you do on practice days. Well, that's the case for me, anyway. I don't have any night pics, but I did manage to talk the local owner's wife into filming the moto one start and taking some still shots of the first moto. The second moto was shot on Robert's digicamcorder with the super night vision, so I will see how that translates into computer files here in the near future.
Until then, here is the start of moto 1: Click!Will probably work best to right-click and "Save Target As".
Amazingly, I am the only four-stroke in this race.

And here is pic one, loaded and ready to go:
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Dec 31, 2000
Nice pic's Lou. You should have gone a little farther and you could have done some woods racing with us in Knob Noster Sunday morning.


I'm sure that with it being close to dusk, the aperture was open a bit longer causing the blur. I'm not that slow, 'cept when it comes to leavin' the ground... That's where I lose my time.


Sep 14, 2001
I was just haranging(?) ya man!. I know what you mean about staying on the ground. Like blue thunder says...jump rollin 101!
Have you tried out S&S yet? It has a practice motocross track with some wicked jumps...
Jason and another guy(Pat) were riding out there. if you came out you 3 could be the blue man group?

Blue Thunder

Dec 20, 2000
Great report and pics Lou! Sounds like a good time, heck I may even leave the old monster size clear tank and hand guards on and join you guys for one of these Saturday night extravaganzas...I've practiced under the lights there before but never raced that track.
Ruck, I may have forever ruined Lou for coming out to S&S, I mentioned once that there is a high possibility for mud getting under the fenders.... :eek:
The S&S track was under construction this weekend, should be interesting to see what it looks like now, either way, we will continue classes in the "Jump Rolling 101" course...I'm hoping for at least a C+...
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