First race since the broken Collarbone


Sep 1, 2000
What a relief to get back on the horse after it bucks you off and not get bucked again. Went to an enduro in Upton Wyoming this weekend and did my first race since the broken bone. It has been 6 weeks and you can tell it is still broke but feels good. I rode good but on the conservative side. It was 113 miles long and I didn't crash until about 110 miles and then I ran into a tree straight on at a pretty slow speed. Didn't hurt me but it pulled my throttle cable out so when I started it back up and took off the throttle stuck wide open. I pulled over and fixed that, then when I took off I had lost my rear brake. It was a tight wooded race that was a lot of fast braking turns and I guess my brakes just got tired. I have never had to ride with only a front brake while having a broken collarbone so it was kind of freaky. You had to really grab a handfull of brake to slow up and then let of so you could turn. Finally after a few miles the brake fluid cooled and I had brake again. I race the Men's 250 A class and since I was riding conservatively I probably got last in my class but I still beat a lot of the B riders and probably some A riders but most importantly I beat myself. The good thing is I did not hurt the collarbone. Hopefully it will be completely healed and ready for 150 miles a day for 6 days in a row in France. Hope everyone else had good weekends.


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Oct 23, 2000
Ditto to what Bbbom said! That's great that you are feeling better. I am riding this weekend for the first time since my little NWSF spill, so hopefully the muscle and elbow are better. Good job.


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Oct 26, 1999
Glad to hear it went well, please do take it easy till the ISDE, we'd hate for you to miss out. And yeah, getting back on the horse is the best way to overcome the "fear" of it.

Keep healing well, and keep us updated (when you can) :)


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Nicole, sounds like a pretty good ride after a 6-week layoff! Keep that shoulder safe for the ISDE!

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Mar 30, 2001
Way to go, Girlrider :cool:
It sounded to me like Upton was very hot and grueling for the participants who were in shape for it with no broken bones. I take my hat off to you for your endurance and persistence.

Was it difficult for you to ride conservatively? I know you are saving yourself for the ISDE in France, but I also know you want to train and be ready for the grueling six race days to come. :p

I'm glad to hear it went well for you and I look forward to more reports!

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