Aug 25, 2000
My buddy bought a new 250 RFS frfom Larry Roeselers MotoZone shop and he has a guy who installs a "351cc" kit on the bike. I met up with him at Carlsbad raceway to check the bike out. I had my sights set on a new 450EXC but once I rode this bike I changed my mind.....
This scoot is awesome!
Being an exc and small displacement, I thought the bike would feel weak and wobbly on this MX course but it didn't! It has great power and the close spacing of the gear-box really let the motor shine. The guy who does this mod gets his own pistons made and developed his own syle carb inlet to improve flow. After this mod he changes the front sprocket from a 13 to a 15 and it still has plenty of low-end grunt!
Ive pretty much been a KTM rider for the last 8 years or so and this was the best handling Katoom I've ever ridden (I currently have an '01 300). The front-end feels really planted and the suspension was light-years better on the choppy stuff. My friend also had on '03 SX there and it was too skittery for me. True, I'm only a 44 yr-old Amatuer, but for my mostly trail-riding life-style nowadays I think this is the perfect set-up.
I've got mine on order now.

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