Sep 9, 2006

Well... 2 days ago was the first time my little 7 year old sister got to drive the go-kart all by herself. She was very happy. And having fun. And doing pretty good at that.

But she was going down the driveway and there was a group of people (parents and friends) watching her and she was looking at them and smilying and then the tree popped out of the middle of now here :whoa: and bang. she wasn't going that fast but DANG it caused alot of damage. The tree is saverley scared, and the front of the go-kart is heavily damaged. Oh and if you wanted to know she bumped her nose on the steering wheel (yes she was wearing a open face helmet) lol, Nah we made sure she was okay first.

Here are some pictures of the damage. :yikes:




The week before that we just got it welded and running *well*. I rode it for about 10min and the friend rode it for five minutes previous to this *incodent*.

Im not mad or anything im just kind of bummed out that its going to sit for ALONG time before we get to fix it. She had fun though and that day started her wanting of her own motorized vehicle.


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