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Dec 6, 1999
I've been using two different open trailers for a few years now, one for 1-3 bikes, another for 4-6 bikes. With a family of 5 all on bikes, it's needed.

I'd like to go to a covered trailer. Any suggestions for size or what to look for? I'd like to get the bikes, gear and other weekend goodies in the trailer.

I was looking at Alumilite trailers. They seem well built and light because of aluminum construction. Any experience?

Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions. :)


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Sep 24, 2000
Mark, what are you using to pull this Partrige Family trailer??? My sledhead buddy has a four place enclosed trailer and used a Tahoe with electric brakes. It did the job, but seemed to be on the edge of it's capabilites. He recently bought a 3/4 ton Suburban.

Maybe you should put a hitch on the 400 and use it for towing:confused:

Look forward to seeing you Oct. 13th.


Jul 21, 1999
I have a TNT 8.5'x19.5'(including the V) V front enclosed trailer. I've transported 5 bikes with no problems in this rig along with all the gear, gas, tools, etc. for them. I would not want it one bit smaller for this many bikes, though. It's a double axle with elec brakes. It has two swinging doors on the back, which I personally prefer to a ramp door, and one side door towards the front.

Featherlite makes a great all aluminum trailer. The factory is about an hour south of me and it's cool to see the big NASCAR rigs sitting in their lot when I travel that direction. They get a premium price for them, though. They also make a steel frame, aluminum sided trailer. It's just like the units from Pace, Haulmark, TNT, etc. I would not pay any more for this trailer than any of the others as I feel it's exactly the same quality.

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