Flywheel weight for 220 ???

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Aug 31, 2000
Just wondering if anybody has tried this and with how heavy of weight. I want to
make 2nd gear more like 1st gear. It seems as if 1st is to low and 2nd is to fast(tight woods can't
always keep on the pipe).
With 2nd
gear it seems as if you waiting for the the bike to come on the pipe. And by the time it comes
on it is to late. I could always pull the clutch in and build my rpm's and let it back out. But I would have to
change my clutch ALL THE TIME. My hope is by adding a weight I can keep it in 2nd gear and still have
my rpm's built up.I have had all the aftermarket products done to my bike. Except porting and bored carb.
I don't want to port my bike nor do I want to bore the carb. Due to the fact that they both make the
bike more of a top end bike. Where as I want a low grunt bike.

98 kdx 220

Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
It sounds like you’re looking for a change in gearing rather than a FWW. Have you tried installing a 12-tooth front sprocket with your stock 47-tooth rear or a 50-tooth rear sprocket with your stock 13-tooth front sprocket? Installing a 50-tooth rear sprocket will require you to install a 110 link chain (stock is 108) so you’ll likely want to test the results with a cheaper 12 tooth front sprocket before you take the plunge.



Mar 3, 2000
I have a '97 220 that had a 10 oz. steahly when I got it. I have never ridden mine without the weight, but I have ridden other KDX's set-up differently, but without a weight. I have noticed that the weight helps lug off the bottom of gears. When I say lug, I mean keep the bike moving, and get the bike further into the power without just stalling. I doubt the weight will 'give' you bottom end, but it will make gears pull earlier. If you want more raw bottom-end power, do as CD suggested.

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