Help Flywing DT150 new carb started leaking


Jul 8, 2019
I need some help. I was given a flywing dt150 that wasn't running. So I put in a new carb and intake and it ran really good. I adjusted the mixture with the screw on the front of the carb by the intake and it was running really well. Then after riding for about 10min i go on a slow turn and the bike dies and fuel come out of the overflow. So I figured it was the floats. Now it is leaking at the screw at the intake and no where else. It's a brand new carb and I dont know what to do with the carb now. I'm new to the dirtbike DIY world. Do I need to do some floats adjustment or what? If i have the fuel off and can pump it about 5-10 times and the bike will run. But as soon as the fuel gets turned on it just poars out from the screw.

The Redrider

Jun 14, 2019
Well sir, I reckon its a float valve issue, you float needle may be suspect, think of the float bowl like a toilet bowl. All the innards and principals are similar. every time you twist the throttle it has to refill. every time you flush it has to re-fill. So logic dictates to me you have an overflowing issue. There is a tab where the needle rests on it could be bent to change the flow rate, but be warned its best left for mechanics, because you have to set your float heights, I have done it to both of my cr-25o's and its a royal pain!
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