Mar 5, 2007
Right, time for me to do some tinkering again!

Can anyone explain to me in laymans terms what the clicker settings in and out will do? secondly what should I set them on as a good start, I weigh 110kg's (dunno what that is in pounds but it's not light), my '04 KDX220 feels a little wooly on the front end but not as bad as some other KDX 200's I've ridden though!


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Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
242 lbs by the way.. The clickers are used to fine tune the suspension. But they will only really work as intended if your suspension is setup for you.. ie. valving and spring weight are appropriate for your weight and riding style.

Jeremy Wilkey has some good tutorials on his MX-TECH site that can help you figure out how to adjust your settings.


Jul 4, 2005
If you have the stock springs on the bike, then you really need to get the correct rate springs on there. No amount of knob twisting will get it set up very well for you.

Turning an adjuster in (clockwise) creates restriction (damping). Turning it out (counterclockwise) decreases damping. These adjusters will mosly affect the low speed damping (not so much on roots, rocks, and ruts - high speed stuff), as it relates to the speed the shock or fork travels within a certain distance / time. For example, landing from a jump is a low speed compression, and hitting a 6" log head on is a high speed compression hit.

The shock's rebound adjustment will have a slight effect on the compression as well due to the internal structure.

:) So like I was saying, get the correct rate springs.
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