fork revalve questions for 96 KDX 200

kaw Bill

Oct 1, 1999
I would like to revalve my forks but want to avoid sending them away to have the work done. A friend of mine had good luck purchasing the stuff from Race-Tech and using there shim placmement recomendations for his XR but I've heard less than good reviews on there work with KDX's. Who would be able to sell me the required parts and more importantly tell me exactly what shimms to use just like Race-Tech does but with better results?

kaw Bill

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
If I'm not mistaken MX-Tech now offers the same service. Preassembled stack to match your individual profile and MX-Tech valves. Fire Off an email and see what they can do for you.



dirtbike riding roadracer
Mar 28, 2001
I've had good luck with Race tech products despite all the bad press around here, if your honest with the set up sheets, the results will be good, if you lie to yourself on the set up sheets the results will suck. All suspension changes from rider to rider (preference, feel, etc.), it how it feels to you that counts.

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