Nov 24, 2000
Hey Dude,

Don't know if your in the US or not but here in Canada the seals are usually about $20. There Not very hard to change but you do need a Seal Driver. If I were you I would take off the forks and drain the oil from them. Remove the dust Seal from the fork as to expose the Oil Seal. If you look closely at this you'll notice there is a retainer clip holding it in place. Remove the retainer clip then gentle extend the fork as to knock out the seal. Take this to your dealer and ask them to install the new Seals using a seal driver. It should take them about 5 minutes per fork. Then reassemble them.

One note.. Sometime you really haven't blowen a seal. Dirt sometimes get caught in between the seal and the fork cause oil to leak. You can correct this by using a thin piece of plastic(Like a tear off) to insert in between the fork and the seal. Using like contact cleaner to flush out all the dirt. Hope this helps.
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