Nov 27, 2000

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An open letter from Don Amador to BRC and AMA District 36 members regarding the
Trough Fire’s impact to the Stonyford OHV Area on the Mendocino National Forest.

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September 13, 2001

Dear Fellow Riders,

I recently toured the various staging areas and other recreation infrastructures affected by
the Trough Fire in the Stonyford OHV Area. This tour included recreation officers
from the Forest, Clark Frentzen, Scott Sinclair - a former FS OHV Masterperformer,
and Nick Haris - the new W. Representative for the National AMA.

As some of you know, this catastrophic fire devastated the recreation infrastructure at
Davis Flat, North Fork, Fouts Springs, Nail Track, and Grey Pine. Based on my experience as the
former chairman of the OHMVR Commission and as one who is very familiar with
the bureaucracy and resources of the federal and state governments and impacts of
recent fires throughout the state, I don’t see how the Forest can offer the affected areas to the
public or clubs for use before the Thanksgiving holiday.

There are numerous safety, botanical, cultural, and hydrological concerns because of the de-nuded
nature of the soil and terrain. There is even the chance that the paved county road
could slip out at the bad section coming down from the M5-M10 intersection if that
mountain side gets more than 1-2 inches of rain in a 24 hour period.

I have consulted with Scott Sinclair and he agrees that this facility most likely
will not be up and running for safe public use until the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is our joint recommendation that AMA D36 and the various motorcycle clubs
who are planning Stonyford-based Fall events/enduros should strongly
consider to voluntarily suspend those events and instead offer your
member’s help to Jeff Applegate the recreation manager for volunteer work parties.

It was difficult to write this letter but I feel that it was my duty to inform
AMA D36 and affected clubs of what my impressions were of the impacted
area. I would urge the District to consider this request and to even tour
the area with affected club officers so that you can make your own decision.

Currently, all of the staging areas including the day use-center,
Nail Track, Fouts Springs, Grey Pine, Davis Flat, and North Fork
are closed. Although the Little Stony and Mill Creek areas are open,
I would urge riders in the meantime to ride in other places such as
Upper Lake, Downieville, Forest Hill, Cow Mt., Shasta Chappie, etc.

I will soon be writing an article about this complete with photos in the near
future. Please FWD this to your own District 36 contacts and please
feel free to contact me, Scott Sinclair, or Jeff Applegate with any
questions or concerns.

Don Amador, BRC - 925.625.6287 Office -- Email:
Scott Sinclair , Off Highway Solutions -- Email:
Jeff Applegate, FS - 530.963.3128 -- Email:

Thanks in advance for your review of this issue.


Don Amador
Western Representative
BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc.
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561


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