Jun 6, 2007
Well I'm new to this and have spent the last few hours searching for an answer but came up short. So here it goes... I just purchased a 2001 Yamaha WR250 and noticed that when landing off a jump (back tire first) the front seems to SLAM (hit very hard) on the ground. I took the forks in for servicing... the springs were replaced, new oil and seals set back to stock. I am 160 lbs so stock seemed to be right. However, I still have the same issue. If I land level, it is a beautifuly smooth and supple landing, but when I come down on the back tire first, the front almost seems to be without suspension. Is this right? It is so bad that I do not even want to get the bike in the air at all. Do you have any suggestions?


Sep 1, 2003
Increase compression damping on the forks one or two clicks and see if your slap-down bottoming is eased. If not then increase the oil level in your forks 10mm, then ride and test- if still a problem add another 10mm.


Oct 19, 2006
It is a WR with trail tuned suspension. The high speed compression in the fork is probably a little soft. It keeps the tire on ground when going over roots and rocks, not so good for jumps. Raising the oil level some helps. Be careful, the dealer may have already put the max amount of oil in there. I would drain the fork and fill with new oil so you know exactly how much is in there. Or, does Yamaha give a oil height for the fork? If so, just fill it to the max. My bikes specs are by volume so I have to drain everything out and measure in a new amount. Play with the clickers on the fork some, if that doesn't help a fork revalving or a YZ fork might be necessary.


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Aug 2, 2000
landing back tire first will usually slap the front end down pretty hard no matter what you're riding. I think you got hosed on an unnecessary fork service.
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