Apr 27, 2001
I know this question has been beat to death probably and everybody seems to have a different opinion. However I want to double check. I'm switching to a 4 stroke here shortly and I've been contemplating on what to do to it. I rode a stock bike and lap times on an approx. 50 sec track was 2 or 3 secs better on a completely stock bike vs my 250 which has a modified suspension and pipe. Anyway, it was the result of my ordering a 4-stroke. My dilema lies in whether the bike will need any work and I'll wait to ride it before deciding. However, while I was researching I noticed that some pipe manufacturers specifically say not to use race fuel in with their pipes. FmF is one that comes to mind. (Not saying that's what I would use if I did modify my bike, just what I read from them.) So I'm assuming if you should use 93 octane with a pipe you should be able to use it no problems with a completely stock one, correct?

I've asked local shops around here and they condem it but it sounds more like they've bought into the more money you spend the better. I don't have a problem running racing fuel as I do now but if there is no need for it I don't want to do it.

I apologize for the length but in summary can running a stock or modified 426f offer any advice as to what type of gas they run or would suggest running?



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