Game Face: What does a female athlete look like?


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Nov 3, 2000
Today I was eating dinner with my mom and dad, when they were done and I was still eating. I'm a slow eater. My dad asks me if I want a suprise. Of corse, I say "yes." He comes back with a book called Game Face: What does a female athlete look like? Inside of it he wrote a personal message to me, telling me that he knows I can achieve what I want to achieve and that he is behind me. Anyways... I started reading this book, and it was really hard to put down. It is really modivating for the female athletes out there. It has tons of pictures of women in sports. It has several stories of how women came out on top or how they made it in male dominated sports.
One of the paragraphs I liked is,
" ...then they walk you out to the track, and it's as if your whole life is compressed into the next ten minutes before the race. Those last few minutes before you run a major event may be the hardest part of competing, because they reveal everything about your personality. What am I really like? What am I really made of? What can I really accomplish? If you're the person who's very confident, it'll bring that out. If you're a person who tends to lack confidence, it'll bring that out, and magnify it. If you're a fighter when times get tough, it'll bring that out. If you tend to fold up your tent and give in when times are tough, it brings that out. If you're a person who likes challenges, doesn't like challenges, likes confrontation, runs from confrontation, it'll bring all that out under a magnifying glass. Before you battle your competitors, you're locked into this intense battle with yourself and your doubts and fears and your confidence. You need to win that battle internally before you can win the one against the other people."

It has several stories of how guys put down women in sports and how they overcame it and proved to be good. The quotes benith the pictures and within the stories are awesom and modivational. Well, I really like the book and I think its real inspiring for any female out there. You should take a look at it at the book store. Girlrider this would be a great thing for you to read while on the plane to your motocross events!


Sep 1, 2000
Thanks for posting this Blackhawk. I have a friend who is a great rider but has never been able to beat herself. She has never gotten over her fear and anxiety of competition. I am going to buy this for her. It made me think of one of my most favorite sayings: " We salute all those with the courage to face their toughest competition. . . Not the one beside them but the one inside them."

Good luck and be sure to tell your dad just how much that book means to you coming from him.;)
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