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May 5, 2002
I'm looking for a new dirt bike to start doing som enduro's and hare runs. I've been road riding 5 yrs, and the last 6 months on a DRZ400e and most recently some time on a RM250.
I found the DRZ quite easy to ride, gread on the open trails but real hard work in the woods and tight stuff, to big and heavy for me. And the RM well i felt like it just wanted to kill me! the power was way to much of a hit for my kind of riding.
I realy like the look of the gas gas, my local dealer tells me its not very intimerdating to ride at all, but he might just be saying that (as they sometimes do ) to swing the sale. I was also considering a WR250f yam, but i've seen riders almost brought to tears trying to get the thing started!
You lot are my only hope, advice from genuine riders and owners is more valuable than any sales talk. I need something light, manageable power and user friendly.
Guys, you are my only hope!!

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May 3, 2000
I've only ridden one (Mr. WR's) and I thought it was a great bike! I would prefer it in the woods to any of the other machines you mentioned, though a well set up RM250 would be nice, too. The GG handles exceptionally well and is an absolute blast to ride. If you can afford it it is an excellent choice.


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Jul 31, 2000
I've been nothing but happy with my GasGas 250, never really ridden a 200 but from what I've heard it's got all the power of the KTM 200 without the sudden "burst" of power in the midrange, which would be preferable in the woods. I'll post a link to the review done by ORC. Good luck.


Aug 25, 2000
I've had the good fortune to ride a 2002 WR250F and an EC 200 back to back, here's what I found....

WR has a wonderfull motor! Smooth, and as mellow or fast as you want (mellow at low RPM, rocket when screaming). Starting is not an issue, if you follow the starting procedure religiously, don't and you'll pay ;)
Downside, it felt wide at the tank and somewhat difficult to get forward on. Bars too far back on triple clamps. Seat is very comfy though :D Suspension is soft and feels very comfortable, at least until whoops get big, then it is too soft. Nothing that could not be tuned out or valved out.

EC200 is very light feeling and confidence inspiring. It feels good no matter how hard you slam through whoops or roots/rocks. The motor is very smooth with no hit or punch in the power, just smooth and seemless. Ergos feel like a Japanese MXer, slim and easy to get forward on. Seems to thrive on standup style riding...just lean her in. Starting is a pleasure, as with most 2 strokes. THe hydraulic clutch should be standard on every bike, it's awesome. Getting off my CR250 I can throw the 200 around like a hero and go significantly faster than my CR in the tight stuff. Negatives...would like to see the gripper seat cover extend down the sides of the seat, instead of the graphics (for gripping with knees) and would like a straighter bend bar (I would run straight pipe if I could get it ;) ). Cool retracting kick stand comes stock and tucks up very nicely to the frame. I'd remove the one off the WR.

I personnally thought the WR was the best woods bike I had ridden, until I rode the GasGas. Given the choice, all things equal, I would go GG. It has a much racier feel without being intimidating, and I wouldn't have to buy a top triple clamp to get the bars out of my lap (like the WR)(this is a personal thing only).
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Oct 13, 1999
Back in '99, when I rode a Fredette modified KDX200, I test rode a stock '99 KTM 200EXC and a stock '99 GasGas EC200 back to back.

I felt the KTM had the most top-end power and performed best when ridden hard, like a 125. The GG had the best power spread since there was no big hit anywhere. I could grunt the thing along in the low-end and mid-range and then scream it on the top-end without losing traction. My KDX had a good bottom end and top-end, but very little mid-range.

Riding in sand whoops the KTM performed the best (Note that the owners of both the KTM and the GG were about 30 lbs. lighter than me). It held a straight line as I rolled on more throttle. The GG was a very close second in the whoops. My KDX completely sucked (even though it was sprung for my weight).

Turning through the trees is the only place I thought the KDX had an advantage. Again the GG was very close second. The KTM did not like to turn at all (keep in mind both the KTM and the GG were set-up for someone weighing 190 lbs. in full gear, not somone weighing 220 lbs.).

Up to this point I had wanted a KTM200 as my next bike. After that test I found out that the characteristics of the GG suited me better. Then I decided on more power. For some reason I was going to buy a KDX220. Fortunately Offroadr hooked me up with someone selling a GG EC250. It took one test ride in a cornfield at night, without a headlight to convince me it was the right bike for me.


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Jan 4, 2000
Originally posted by WoodsRider
. Fortunately Offroadr hooked me up with someone selling a GG EC250. It took one test ride in a cornfield at night, without a headlight to convince me it was the right bike for me.

Don't forget it was raining!


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Jun 9, 1999
I ended up getting a XC300. I was going to try "old golfers" at Dirt Week 01 but ended up riding one out of the woods. Some poor fellow fell and hurt his shoulder. I knew then I wanted one, didn't even have to take another ride on "old froggers" to double check. :) :confused: My weight, close to 200, is what kept me from getting a 200 or 250.



Sep 30, 2001
My GG XC 250 can AND has lugged my lard arse (240 w/out gear) through many a tuff stuff with no problem. I was suprised how I could lug the bike. I would like the 300 though for my next bike --- less shifting involved.

I rode lemming's EC 200. That bike is electric smooth, like a sewing machine. It has got to be the ultimate woods weapon --- smooth like peaches & cream

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