gasgas parts help


Apr 25, 2002
Hey guys, Im trying to put my bike back together. (00 EC 200) I got most of the work done today

Anyways, My gear oil filler screw is completely stripped so i need a new one . Has anyone ever used another screw from somewhere else that works? Maybe a ktm screw or something. The reason being i want to get this bike done next week and with the holidays i dont think i can have the part here from smackover in time. I live in RI.
Its the only thing I need so does anyone know if I can substitute another screw from another bike on so i can get this thing done because im trying to sell it. thanks alot.


Aug 3, 2002
if it is the right length it does not matter what it comes from. just find a bolt you have that has the correct threads and then go to a hardware store to find one like it that matches the length. do not forget the sealing washer.