General questions on how this forum is organized.

Jun 19, 2007
Couple of quick questions on how this site is organized:

1.) I noticed there are several interesting articles on the non-forum side of this site. They seem to come up in a "search" under articles/knowledgebase, yet I see no sub-forum with that title. Do I need to be a member to find this sub-forum? Is there a virtual library I'm not accessing by not being a subscriber?

1b.) Is there a mod who periodically endeavors to synthesize informative posts into shorter meaningful articles? Or are my expectations/desires for a sort of library just whacko pie in the sky high hopes stuff?

2.) What makes a post get moved to "archives" as opposed being left in its forum? For instance, I see several older interesting articles in the Advanced Engineering and Technology section, that might be worthy of archiving.


3.) I've noticed quite frequently many interesting posts in the "off-topic" which seem pertinent to particular forums. (Photography, training, training videos, ohv registration). Is there a forum protocol for this segregation?

Thanks in advance for your informative explanation.
Jan 27, 2000
86endurochmp said:
I'm not accessing by not being a subscriber?

1.There are many features that you can not access by not being a subscriber. Stepping up to support team member gives you even more access to these special forums and many features.

1b. No.

2. Outstanding posts get moved to the Archive section.

3. ???? Ya lost me there. :whoa:

Thanks in advance for your informative explanation.
Your welcome.