Getting crank out of crankcase half on 79 yz 250


Apr 10, 2007
I just finished sperating the case on my yz 250. as you may know i bought the thing for $50 and am trying to build my first bike low budget. I need to get the crank out of the left half but my shop manual says to leave it up to a yamaha dealer. Thats out because it is definatley not low budget. The threads on the drive side of the crank are shot and i need it out so my buddy can machine new threads it it for me. does it press out of the half? I have access to a press if need be. I just dont want to ruin anything. as it is i already was trying to seperate the case with one bolt still in that i didnt see :bang: thanks


Apr 8, 2007
nice, you gotta look for that one less bolt. And yes you can press the crank out itprobably wont take much force to do so either. Dont push too hard cuz ive heard alot of stories of people saying i think im almost there i just press it a little more, then CRACK broken case. and make sure that the bearing doesnt come out as well cuz you have to put them in with heat.


Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
You could rig parts off a c clamp and a steel plate,use long case screws to hold the plate in place and push the crank out with the c clamp adjuster,good idea to put something soft in between the clamp and crank. I have repaired crank ends with a thread file,before! Someone has had a hammer over there.
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