going down hill and turning on loose gravel


Jun 23, 2001
I have a problem going down hill and going thru coners. The gravel is very loose. If I lean into the coner and give just a bit of gas the back weel looses all its grip and slides out under me. The coners arnt sharp, what line must I take, I have a cr250 and bigger bikes dont even slow down they lean down and take the coner no problem! :scream:


Mar 15, 2001
I live on a gravel road, and have a few s-curves that are fun to go around. But it makes it a little more difficult when they blade it and its really loose. I have found neither one of the tires really gets any grip anyway, so you kind of have to be carefull in the corners. Just grip the bike tight with your knees lean a little and be prepared for the rear end to slide out. It wont slide out near as much if you roll on the throttle, but Ive found it usually does a bit of sliding anyway, and you just have to get used to it. It takes a little practice, but youll get it.:)


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Nov 12, 1999
Throttle control is critical, then of course wieght the outside peg a bunch. Keep you finger on the clutch in case of rear wheel slide out.....

try to stay off the gravel if you can.......tire compounds and such are not made for that stuff they are made for "dirt"

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