Dec 1, 2006
I did it and I'm going to brag about it! Rode Martin's MX track on Saturday and it still makes me giggle when I think about it. Been working toward this since May when I was finally able to boot up after a 5 month tib/fib fx recovery. Had to go alone but I loaded and unloaded the bikes myself without falling, rode the track and made new friends. Special thanks to the thor-clad racer who escorted me through the labyrinth and to all the friendly and supportive people there. This was definitely the highpoint of my year and will open new challenges for next riding season. I am so fortunate to have been introduced to dirtriding and its community.


Can't Wait For Tuesdays
Mar 17, 2002
Very cool medwaste!! That's a big deal coming off an injury like you had!


Stupid tires and trees
Mi. Trail Riders
Dec 19, 2002
Awesome, that track is fun isn't it! We'll have to try and hook up to track ride next season. HOPEFULLY I will have a new job where I don't work weekends (like I used to have...).



Mar 27, 2004
Very VERY cool! What a huge injury to be recovering from. My son is currently recovering from a tib/fib break as well. (did the left leg last year and the right leg this year!!!) Just remember to take it easy for a while!

There is nothing like smiling ear to ear after a day like that, especially when you haven't been able to ride for a while...!!!
Apr 30, 2007
Great job!! :)

So glad to hear that you've stuck it out past the point where too many people usually quit! I've seen way too many people give up and sell their bike(s) after an injury or crash...

I wish there were still some tracks open here! I'm still going through race and riding withdrawl! (Winter season is coming up soon though!!!)
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