Aug 8, 2007
ok, im 12 years old and at this time i dont have a dirt bike right now, i have been recently using my neighbors dirt bike and have had some experience, i am looking for a good bike that i will be able to use when i get more experienced and better.
1) i am 5'4" 110
2 i want to ride mx tracks/ feilds (my backyard)
3 riding experience- yes but not ALOT
4 yes i think i will race
5 ill do research and learn how to maintain and everything
6 no preference, i just want a good fast bike, i know u could call me a beginner but i do very well on neighbors bike
7 dont think so
8 i plan to spend 1750 or less( not alot i know)
9 dont live in cal
10. 12 years old
11. dont know a ton about dirt bikes but i can ride them well and want to have alot of fun


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Dec 21, 2006
rideblueorbust said:
sounds like a ttr 125 might be a good choice for you
TTR125 WONT last long especially for someone who's 5'4. I would suggest an 85 or 150. 150 might be a little more begginer friendly, but after you get used to the powerband on it, it would be good. Maybe even a big wheel.

What is your neigbors bike?


May 10, 2007
Since you will be racing, and the budget you are working with, the only sensible choice is a 80/85. A bit of a handful at first, but you'll catch on. Maybe get a spare rear fender or two :nener:


Mar 26, 2007
Well lets put it this way.

A ttr125 would be sorta close to what your neighbor has.

A CR/KX/RM/YZ 80cc 2-stroke would be a lot lot more of a bike.

ttr125 = dad's minivan.
80cc 2-stroke = Grandpa's new camaro.

But if you are serious about racing, you will need a 80/85 cc 2 -stroke. Just be careful. Try and take one for a test ride, but take it easy.


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Jun 8, 2003
at 5'4" and 110-lbs sounds like an 85 2-stroke or the CRF150R 4-stroke MX bike (not the CRF150F (big difference between the R and F version). you can start out on a MX bike like the 85 or R, just remember to hold on with your knees and that your arms/hands are not for keeping you on the bike as much as you may think... if this does not make sense - get some riding instructions too...


Apr 26, 2007
how the heck is he supposed to afford a 150r on a 1700 dollar budget. just go for a 80 2smoke. wont take to long to learn and you'l smoke your neighbor!
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