May 31, 2000
Well I bought a new chain today after about a 10 minutes of riding due to my chain snapping,
Not sure if it was caused by a too loose chain or just too worn? But anyways after having to push the bike back to the trailer, through deep sand on a pretty hot day, and on my birthday to top it off, I finally got home. Took a run to the local shop to get a new chain hoping to salvage some riding today, and I ended up with an RK X-ring chain, any experience with these chains? Are they and good and how do they compare to the O-ring chains? I hope better because I had a Renthal O-ring and it didn't seem to fare to well on the 400F. Unfortunately I never got to test the new chain because I was called in to work (happy birthday to me :( ) But any opinions on the X-ring chain would be nice. Thanks, and sorry for the kindof rambling story :confused: .


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Jun 5, 2001
RK chains

Right now I'm running an RK o-ring chain on my KDX 200 and have not had to adjust it at all this season. I think that this chain will probably last through next season as well. I will be buying one of these again (when ever that me be). Really good chain!:D

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