Dec 23, 2013
Hi Guys, I'm interested in getting back into riding and have been shopping around. The last bike I owned was about 10 years ago so I'm not up to speed on what's happened in the riding world since. But I recently moved to Arizona and lets just say I see trails but cant ride them and I want to change that. My cousin is offering to sell his 2005 YZ 250 to me due to him wanting a new 450.

The 2005 YZ250 has the following:

Wide ratio gearbox installed
desert tank
Skid plate
FMF Fatty pipe
Fmf Spark arrestor
scotts steering stabilizer
Michelin tires
Engine clock 20 hours total on engine
Enzo JUST did the front and back suspension.

He is asking $4500 USD For the bike. Is this a good deal or is he trying to Rip me? I can buy a used bike off craigslist for 1500-2000 but for the most part it would be stock and I don't know the history.

Trying to figure out if I should buy his 250 since it only has 20 hours on it and seems pretty tricked out and I probably wouldn't need to drop anymore money into mods Orrrr hes a d!ck and trying to rip me off.

Or should I just go craigslist :-X just don't like buying something like that when you don't know if they guy thrashed it or loved it.

Thanks for the feedback! :ride:

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Sounds like a really nice bike and certainly worth a premium over the typical $1500 - $2000 bikes you are seeing on Craigslist.

Have not been in the market for a bike lately, but that does seem like too much for a 2005 YZ250, even low hours and with all the costly goodies on it.

The buyers with $4500 to spend are probably looking for something newer.


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Nov 25, 1999
I have an 05 and no way all of that adds up to $4500. Offer $2500 and pay no more than $3000.


Jun 25, 1999
he is asking much more than my market would handle. $2500 would be top money for a very nice bike in that year model
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