Jun 14, 2000
I currently own a '00 CR250 and was given the opportunity to ride a YZ426F this past weekend. I expected it to be a handfull but was pleasantly surprised how the bike handled.

The power was very smooth and controllable. Not at all what I expected. I was riding the MX track at the New Jersey Off-Road Vehicle Park which is more like a supercross track than a MX track.

My problems with the bike.
Well... The person that let me ride it also let me start it, and the bike was really hot from him just riding it. He gave me the quick version of a hot start procedure. Only took 4-5 tries to get it going. Not the one kick my CR250 takes. On my second circuit around the track I stalled it in a turn. I think I need an oxygen bottle at this point from kicking the bike over. The temperature outside was in the 90's and I'm cooking in the heat trying to get it started again. Only took 6 tries this time. Probably the excitement of the moment didn't help.

Over all impression.
I REALLY liked the bike. It was stock out of the box.
Makes me wonder what the Honda CRF450 is like. :think
Somehow I see me on a 4-stroke in the future. Ya Think?


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Mar 9, 2001
Hey John, I also got my first ride on the 426 last Thursday and it was awesome.
I currently ride a 01 250yz and I was very pleased with the way the power came on,so smooth and predictable,it was great.It did every thing my yz did just better. I definitely see one in my near future


Feb 10, 2001
I ride at NJORVP and I've seen the big MX track and know it's tight, especially for a 4 stroke. I give you credit for being able to get it started in the amount of kicks that you did. One time on the intermediate track a guy stalled his 426 on the 180 degree left turn before the two hills, and I passed him like 10 times before he got it started! This happened to him a few times and the sad thing was, it was his bike! Your a fast learner! Maybe I'll see you at the park. I ride an XR200 with an FMF pipe.


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Apr 29, 2001
I have owned a YZ426 and never had a problem starting it but I didn't like the bike all that much. I have much more fun and do better on my '00 CR250
Apr 26, 2000
I have never had a issue starting my 426 after a fall unless I pull the choke out instead of the hot start button, 20 pound lighter and it would be perfect.


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Apr 21, 2000
John - cool bike - huh? My boyfriend has one and I love riding it... but as soon as I stall it in a corner - it's time to give it back and hop back on my 125 :confused:

Red (the boyfriend) is considering a CRF 450, too - he was kinda drooling on top of Ryno's bike this past weekend at Red Bud. And from what I remember the CRF is a little lighter and rumored to be easier to start (doesn't it have an automatic decompression release or something). I can't wait until some guys get theirs and can post some ride reports.


Jun 14, 2000
Uh oh...

It may be possible that I forgot to pull the "Hot Start Button" after I stalled the bike and that's what took me so long to get it going again. :o

Oh well... I still liked the bike.
Can't wait to start seeing the ride reports when the CRF450 hits the tracks!

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