Graphics alternative CUSTOM look! $7.00 bucks


Sep 8, 2007
Ok so i know its a hssle buying a graphic kit for ya bike.. and then when ya get it and install it your bike becomes one huge billboard for a bunch of products that your not getting paid to advertise.

I have been sitting around for like a week looking at graphics for my 97 rm 125 when i thought about alternatives

Tonight in the local craft store I came across some thick vinyl adhesive sticker in 12 X 12 sheets.. Now about a year ago i installed some graphics on my car and I had a backing sheet for the graphics that represented the overall pattern. Primarily it was a skull in a wild tribal design... Using some basic ability I did the following

I overlayed my pattern on the vinyl sheet and traced out my design, then carefully using a razor i took my time and cut very even lines following the pattern in the vinyl sheets... I then matcxhed the pattern to the plastic roughly and cut sections out, when i was done I sprayed the plastic area i was applying to with water, i made sure it was clean before hand.. i applied graphics , trimming and altering slightly as i went along.


When i was done this is what I had...

Grand total 7 bucks

The white stuff is what im referencing too

The skull decals cost me an additional 6 bucks at my local autozone/pepboys type store

hope this helps someone, i know its diffeerent but just think about the possibilities using multi colored vinyl...

Personally I think if you devote about 20 bucks you can have something so amazing that it would blow away manufactured graphics... an option is too add a clear overlay layer to protect it all..
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Sep 9, 2006
nice dude, that look pretty sweet! Ive been thinking about this for awhile now but not really sure what i wanted to do yet, nor get around to it..

But your bike looks great, Good job :cool:

**i saw the pic before it got deleted***


Aug 1, 2007
I can post the pic, but its at work. I'll get it on here in the morning.

I can't make it on Sundays. I have to work, which really sucks when it comes to riding. Seems like everybody rides on Sundays.


Sep 30, 2006
i made my own graphics for my 81 rm 125 cuz they don't make them anymore. I designed them on the computer and had them printed out on convex adhesive vinyl by a print shop. it only cost me 15 bucks!
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