Mar 15, 2000
Well, I've used the heck outta my asterisk knee braces, have raced a year with nary a knee issue, and as a 40+ A enduro and desert racer, thats dang good! Way happier with my asterisks than my CTI I had from about 4 years ago when I tore my medial collateral and strained the rest of my knee.

My problem, now, is that I am shrinking out of my knee braces. After failing to qualify for the ISDE this year (too slow) because I was too fat and outta shape, I've been training the heck outta myself bicycling, running, riding,.....

Well, now my knees are a Large, I guess, as my XL braces, even with the big patella spacers added are too big.

Does Asterisk have a trade-in (trade down) program?

the new skinner Buck in Flagstaff...


Mar 22, 2001
Buckholz, have you talked to Brad about this, if you haven't call 800-459-2999 X206. If he can't do anything let me know, I can at least send you some different padding to snug up the knee joint area. I think you should be ok with padding up the joint, since it's a "boney" area losing weight has less effect on that area unless the brace was on the big size before you lost the weight. Talk to Brad first, If you hit a wall let me know.


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