Nov 7, 2001
I had an accident 2 weeks ago in a race. I hit a flag stand after cutting a hairpin turn too close, and my hand smacked the post. :yikes: Several other scrapes and bruises, but the weird thing is with my hand.

Right away, there were two small bruises on the knuckles that hit the post. (these are the knuckles you would punch with if you make a fist)

The pinky and ring finger are the ones that got it. In any case, there was no swelling at first. Then 3 days later, I was working and got a strange pain in my hand. It felt numb and sore between the knuckles that had been bruised. It swelled up that day and has been swollen ever since. Now where it has been sore, a knot has formed. So the knot is on my hand basically, between the two knuckles. If I hold my hand certain ways, you can even see the knot.

Any ideas on what this is? I would think it was simply a knot on a bone, but there is no bone where it is. The knot started out soft, but it seems harder now.
....I thought perhaps a sub dermal bleed...maybe there is a pocket of fluid or blood in there? There is no discoloration suggesting a pocket of blood at least near the skin.

Anybody ever have anything like this?

Thanks in advance
May 10, 2007

if something is wrong get it checked out it can be something serious like a chipped bone that got moved or nothing like bruised bone but either way you dont wanna mess arond with it.

my friends brother went snowboarding and broke his wrist. he though he sprained it so he did nothing. 1 year later it still hurt and he had to have surgery to get it fixed.


Dec 20, 2006
I'm a PA STUDENT (so take this for what it's worth) and I'm actually on my Orthopaedics rotation right now. The guys are correct, it sounds like you should have it checked out if it doesn't heal soon. Some of the questions I would ask you are: Does the pain keep you from functioning? Does the pain wake you up at night? Broken bones are usually very tender at the fracture.
A knot between those knuckles could be multiple things. You could've broke a metacarpal and what you are feeling is new bone being formed--but that wouldn't happen for a little while. Could be something called a ganglion cyst also. This is a kind of cyst that comes from the joint capsule. It can be aggravated by trauma or appear for no apparent reason. Could also be some other things too, but either way if it doesn't heal soon go get it checked out!

Let us know the outcome of this!

Good luck,


Oct 17, 2006
Sounds like a boxer's fracture... I've had em in both hands several times. As stated in other replies, go to a real Dr. and knowforsure!

Get Well!
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